The Infant-Toddler Program at Gateway Education Center

Founded in 1950 by parents and volunteers to serve the needs of children with cerebral palsy, Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Association (GCPA) has a long tradition of early intervention. Today, GCPA provides direct services to multi-disabled infants and toddlers with a range of severe developmental delays and medical disabilities. Our goal is to accept these very special children and supply the appropriate physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive therapies to enable them to reach their potential. Equally as important, we supply hope, training and counseling to their parents and caregivers.

We are a non-profit organization with a community board of directors which includes both professionals and parents. We do our work, in partnership with the Guilford County Schools, at Gateway Education Center in Greensboro. We are a United Way agency and a Medicaid-qualified provider.

Fleming’s Story


Our two-year-old son, Fleming, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after birth. My husband, Carter, and I were thrilled to welcome our second child, but we were worried about medical complications, developmental issues, and therapy needs. We quickly learned that early intervention services would be key to promoting Fleming’s motor, cognitive, communication, and social/emotional development. We eagerly enrolled Fleming in the Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Association’s Infant-Toddler Program when he was four months old. He began physical and occupational therapy immediately. Speech/language therapy was initiated. GCPA provided individualized services designed to best facilitate his development. His teachers incorporated his targeted

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